SMSF Set Up & Management

Self-Managed Super Funds Take Control Of Your
Hard-Earned Money And Secure Your Financial Future

Sick of a poor performing super fund?  With a SMSF you have the freedom to choose how your money is invested. We can help you make smarter investments in property, businesses and empower you to manage and grow your money, on your terms.

Does this sound like you?

I want more control over my superfund management

We all know that a percentage of our earnings need to go into compulsory superannuation. With the emergence of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), you can now have control over how that money is invested.

At Hart Partners, once you have a statement of advice from a financial planner we can assist you with setting up your own SMSF. We take care of the initial setup, ongoing compliance, and audit requirements so you don’t have to figure it out for yourself.

How Does An SMSF Work And How Can It Help Me?

SMSF have many advantages over large public offer funds which include:

Ability to combine your superannuation entitlements. You can pool all of your benefits into one account

SMSF can purchase all ASX listed shares

Can transfer personally owned listed security directly into superannuation

Ability to own your business ‘real property’ (not operating assets) in the superannuation fund. This can assist in funding and cashflow problems of many businesses.

Increased flexibility in investment choice and asset selection

SMSF Services Pricing

Yes, it’s true; the setup and administration costs can be higher than your public offer funds, but because you have control over investment allocation, you often see better returns.

The cost for setting up a SMSF with a corporate trustee which is recommended is $1600. What is included in this fee?

A one hour consultation with a financial planner

Obtaining a tax file number and ABN for the SMSF and registration for GST if required.

The cost for ongoing compliance is from $900 exc gst and audit fee. For a small fee we can also assist you with rolling over money from industry funds and obtaining any necessary finance if you wish to purchase a property within the SMSF environment.

“Saved me time, money, and stress”

“Working with Paula has improved my lifestyle immensely and saved me time, money and stress. I highly recommend Hart Partners to business owners who would like to leverage their time to work more ON the business than IN it, and spend more time doing things they love.”