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Three Reasons To Change Accountants

The decision to change accountants is difficult for many individuals and business owners. This could be because of the uneasy feeling of ending a long-held professional relationship, as well as general feelings of loyalty. However, as awkward as it may seem, there are many valid reasons why clients may wish to change accountants.

Business Growth

Individuals and businesses may prefer certain types of accounting firms depending on their circumstances. Sole traders, for instance, may prefer a smaller, neighbourhood type firm as there is a greater chance of having a closer business relationship with a Senior Accountant, Partner, or even a Director.

However, many larger businesses may prefer the services of a larger firm with multiple staff as such a firm is likely to have the numbers, resources, and expertise to deal with the full accounting and financial needs of a large business. It is common for many firms to change in size over time, which may affect the service a client needs and expects. In this type of situation, the best possible solution may be to change to an accountant that the client feels is more suited to their requirements.

Turnover at the Firm

Issues relating to regular staff turnover are relatively common at some larger accounting firms which have substantial numbers of staff within their ranks. While some accountants choose to stay at a firm for the long-term, others choose to leave after a short period of time to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

This could pose problems for clients who are more sensitive to having third parties exposed to their personal and business-related financial matters, and therefore prefer to deal with just one or two accountants. Should a client find that their work is constantly being managed by different staff due to a high turnover at the firm, they should consider finding a new accounting firm which has a better track record of staff retention.

Services Offered

This is particularly relevant for businesses, as they tend to change over time and have varying accounting needs as a result. A smaller, more general accounting firm may be sufficient for sole traders and many small businesses as it is likely that most of their accounting needs will be relatively straightforward.

However, should a business begin operating in a niche market or expand the scope of their transactions (such as dealing with international clients) then it may be viable for the client to consider finding an accountant who has had experience in dealing with similar types of businesses.

Having an accountant who keeps up with changing technology should be important to us all, however. For instance, using cloud-based record keeping, like Xero, allows both you and your accountant to access your records at any time, regardless of your location, as long as you have an internet connection. No software is installed on your computer (so no expensive updates are needed), and you can be certain that all information in Xero is correct – in real time.

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