❖ How to submit your expenses to Dext (previously known as Receipt Bank)

There are two main ways to send your information, via email and via the phone app.

First, your advisor at Hart Partners will create a unique DEXT account for you to make submitting your expenses easier!

  • Instruction – How to use via the app (Download the Dext mobile app to submit your receipts on the go.)

Installing the app on your android/iOS device

    • Open the AppStore / GooglePlay icon or website from your phone
    • Search and download the Dext app (free)
    • It may take a minute to install, wait until you see the “open” button
    • Click on the “open” button for a short tour showing the app
    • You will be asked to log in. Put in your email address and password as provided by your Hart Partners’ advisor in a separate email.
    • You will see a message “Dext/ReceiptBank would like to access your photos. Click on “OK” to allow access.
    • You can now begin uploading items!
  • Instruction – How to use via email

You can forward any emails of receipts or invoices (single-paged items) to the unique Dext email address created by your Hart Partners’ advisor.

You can even ask suppliers to email invoices straight to your personal Dext address.


How to use the mobile app
  • 1) Open the app and select the camera icon to take a photo
  • 2) Take your photo – ensure your photo is clear and includes the whole receipt

3) If you’d like to add extra details, like a description of who you were with select

‘Edit’. When finished, select ‘Save’.

  • 4) To confirm the processing of the receipt – click ‘Submit for processing’. That’s it!